April 4th from 11am to 1pm

Wesley Okeke

The past 16 years, Wesley has engaged in Business Development Strategies, Sales & Marketing in the US and Internationally.
He recently launched Fruition Technology Labs, a technology incubator. Its mission is to facilitate and mentor the ideas and innovations of entrepreneurs. W
Session’s highlights:
  • What will bring value to your product or business and will lead to your value proposition
  • Survey the global landscape to get the visibility on where and how your business will connect with its  intended customer
  • Develop a draft business development strategy to help you bring your business or product to your target customer

Mark Ruths

In his extensive worldwide geophysical career with Chevron, Mark has guided the many stages of step-change technology identification, development, assessment, deployment and integration.

For the past 16 years he continues to advise start up companies on how to improve these processes including their marketing, customer engagement, closing and support.

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