Vision Bordeaux Export

Vision Bordeaux Export



Always willing to foster the French American Business Community, the FACC has launched in July 2016 a new program, Vision Bordeaux Export (VBE), in partnership with the Commision Internationale des Clubs Economiques d’Aquitaine in Bordeaux Area, France.

The purpose of Vision Bordeaux Export is to help 7 French innovating companies to enter the American market and settle their business in Houston. All their projects are strong and relevant and diversified in a wide range of industries and activities.

In this project, the FACC operates like a matchmaker: after selecting and contacting local organizations which meet the criteria set by the French businesses, the final objective is to sign an agreement between the two partnering companies.

– December 1st to 15th meetings between french and american businesses –
– December 15th breakfast in Houston & lunch in Bordeaux with all the stakeholders connected by video-conference –
If you are interested in partnering with us on VBE, contact us at
The French Companies

Au-Delà Evènement / Au-Delà Evasion – TOURISM                                                                                   

au-dela-evasionDivided in two organisms, this tourism agency creation and organization of business trips & professional events dedicated to promote company’s image or federate teams (convention, seminar, team building, sales kickoff, product launch, clients’ trip…). Thanks to its dynamism, the company covers the Aquitaine Region in France, and some European capitals, but is willing to open its market to an international level.


Buzziness – DIGITAL

buzzinessBuzziness is a start-up offering the first social networks aiming at rating companies. It connects together the professionals who share their experiences by publishing online reviews (from marketing, HR, Purchasing, Sales, IT) and recommendations on their suppliers, business partners, and public administration. Buzziness is also a web service that provides companies with real customer expectations, helping them adapt more rapidly to their needs.


Chateau de Malle – WINE

chateau-de-malle-2Bordeaux area is famous worldwide for its vineyards and great wines. Château de Malle is a wine domain, with the particularity of producing three different wines with two different appellations: sweet white Sauternes (Great Growth wine), dry white Graves and red Graves. These high quality Bordeaux wines are already exported in Europe and in Asia.


Degorce – FOOTWEAR

degorce-2Degorce produces luxury fashioned sneakers and Charentaises, the famous felt slipper invented in the Valley of Bandinat, in Charente. The company uses ancestral techniques, and studies new ones, using natural materials from innovation and recycling. 100% made in France, these high quality and comfortable shoes are available online or by direct distribution.


Tissot – ENERGY

tissot3Tissot manufactures products and components for oil and gas sector. The company manages entirely the product through design, procurement, fabrication and erection of metal products to store, handle and transform liquids, solids and gases (Offshore component, nuclear plant, pressure vessels, storage tanks…).


Yooji – FOOD

capture-decran-2016-07-27-13-59-33Yooji is specialized in frozen baby organic food: veggies purees, vegetables, fruits, portions of meet, or MSC certified fish, are packaged in functional bags. The products can be adapted to the age of the baby. In France, Yooji is present in the mass retail, and in the frozen food section, the food is showcased in a specific booth. The brand has been rewarded for the agribusiness 100% made in France, as well as for its high level of marketing.


FP Bois – WOOD

capture-decran-2016-07-27-13-40-26FP Bois produces fine hardwood floorings, and wall units for inside and outside. 100% made in France, the wood comes from the pines of the local forest: Les Landes. It offers a wide range of stains and mixed colors floorings. Since more than 60 years, FP Bois has been preserving and maintaining the French “know-how” fine and premium vintage flooring, generation after generation.



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