May 2nd from 11am to 1pm


Carl Loop

 Carl works with entrepreneurs, organizations and corporate leaders to massively accelerate their results. He has create 6 successful businesses of his own and has fortune 100 senior leadership experience.
 Carl is a speaker, an author, and consultant, has traveled and lived around the world, has multiple degrees and 2 amazing sons.

Keynote: Reverse thinking for more sales in less time
Simple and different ways to quickly accelerate sales success. You will have actionable insights and steps to achieve immediate results.
  • It Isn’t What You Say…It’s What They Hear. Learn How to Speak Your Prospects “Sales Language”
  • Greatly Speed Up a Sale by Reversing the Risk
  • Save Time and Make More Sales with This 1 Powerful “Reverse Thinking” Tip when Qualifying Prospects


Brenda Boral

 Brenda Boral is an entrepreneur, marketer, and online expert. Co-Founder of Boral Branders. Born in New York, some of the places she lived are Bolivia, Chile, UK, and USA.
With the vision of helping business owners she decided to launch Boral Branders and had helped more than 100 companies create their marketing strategy, online presence, and sales strategy. Her clients have increased their sales and revenues on an average of 25%.

Keynote: The power of having a digital strategy
  • What is a digital strategy?
  • Why having a website is important?
  • Which online tool is right for your business?
  • How to implement a digital strategy.

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