May 2nd from 11am to 1pm


Carl Loop

 Carl works with entrepreneurs, organizations and corporate leaders to massively accelerate their results. He has create 6 successful businesses of his own and has fortune 100 senior leadership experience.
 Carl is a speaker, an author, and consultant, has traveled and lived around the world, has multiple degrees and 2 amazing sons.

Keynote: Reverse thinking for more sales in less time
Simple and different ways to quickly accelerate sales success. You will have actionable insights and steps to achieve immediate results.
  • It Isn’t What You Say…It’s What They Hear. Learn How to Speak Your Prospects “Sales Language”
  • Greatly Speed Up a Sale by Reversing the Risk
  • Save Time and Make More Sales with This 1 Powerful “Reverse Thinking” Tip when Qualifying Prospects


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