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Data Sciences, the New Frontier

Houston, September 28

Data Analysis


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Texas Medical Center Innovation Institute

John P. McGovern Campus

2450 Holcombe Boulevard, Suite X

Houston, TX 77021-2040


How data science revolutionizes Houstonian


key industries: medicine, energy and space?



Data science has become a key aspect of competitive intelligence. This emerging field is revolutionizing the way major industries work and do business. Data science represents the highest potential to increase productivity today. The capacity to extract value from the massive data available is the new frontier, with an identified challenge of a  shortage of experts in this new field.

Data Science will have a massive impact in the coming years in the health, energy and space industries. Houston, world capital of energy, with the biggest medical center of the world, and the Johnson space center is at the forefront of this industrial revolution.

This event will gather the Houston business community working on data science around American and French experts from corporate and academic worlds. The goal is to foster exchanges between peers across different industries.

We believe that organizing an event with innovative and major companies, gathering a network of high-profile experts in this emerging field will foster creativity, fascinating exchanges and fruitful cooperation. Join us !



Wednesday, September 28 , TMCx

12.45pm: Opening of the Innovation Day on Data Science with the French Consul
1:00pm: Conferences with academic and corporate speakers – Session 1
– Break –
2.10pm: Conferences with academic and corporate speakers – Session 2
– Break –
3.45 pm: Panel discussion with all the speakers 

– Break –

5.00 pm: Start-up pitch
6.00 pm: Reception & Networking

Keynote Speaker

Dr Julie Robinson, Chief Scientist at NASA’s International Space Station



Academic Speakers

Dr. Marianne Clausel, Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann, INSMI

Dr. Carlo de Franchis, ENS Cachan – Polytechnique

Dr. Amina Qutub, Rice University


Corporate Speakers

Thierry Meouchi, Airbus – Head of North America Fleet Analytics & Software Services, Airbus  Helicopters, Grand Prairie, TX

Airbus logo

Nadia Morris, Head of Innovation, AT&T Foundry for Connected Health, Houston, TX 


Pierre Yves Aquilanti, High Performance Computing (HPC) Software Specialist,Total, Houston, TX




Air Liquid, gases, technologies and services for industry

Cementys, monitoring of infrastructure and maintenance optimization


Medical Informatics Corp, empowering healthcare providers to improve care delivery & save lives 


SparkCognition, building and deploying a Cognitive, data-driven Analytics platform for Clouds, Devices & the IoT industrial & security markets


NPV10, providing consulting services to assist corporate planning groups as they evaluate strategic alternatives


Antaeus Technologies, providing advanced data analytics software platform for the oilfield industry

Gurus Solutions Inc, scaling up business with cloud solutions

Schema Design, creating tools and experiences that turn information into action


Arundo, using big data and machine learning techniques to analyze data from asset-intensive industries in order to predict likely failures and improve operations. 

Rigraptor provides performance optimization to the upstream oil and gas industry using a unique blend of engineering, design, and data science




 An event to learn, exchange and foster business cooperation and innovation


A cross-field approach leveraging Houston strength

With a cross-field approach, experts from the corporate and academic world, across the tree industrial pillars of Houston – Oil & Gas, Space and Medicine – will discuss the state-of-the-art data science and its impact on the way we work and do business.

Start up pitches

Innovative start-ups presenting their solutions

Innovative start-ups will present their solutions. Various players and industries will share their insights and inspirations on the major trends of the challenging data science, in a few minutes.


A professional networking with the key players in Data Sciences.

A reception dedicated to business networking with the key players in Data Sciences. A cocktail in a friendly atmosphere, to foster a exchanges within major and innovative companies and experts working on data sciences.


A crossfield approach



Gain productivity, make smarter decision, the analysis of data is an important challenge in the Oil&Gas industry, especilly regarding the exploration or the management of the well.


medical grand format

The medical field produces more data than the industry manage to process and use efficiently today. Data science can change the face of new medecine.



space bon format

Processing and interpreting data is one of the key of the space industry. Constructing models to have accurate prediction is the challenge of the industry. Innovation in data analysis opens a new area in the space industry.

Key Topics

Data Analysis

In a context where the quantity of data and information is gigantic and growths exceptionally, it is important to develop tools that will allow the extraction of significant pieces of information and their analysis. Most of the industrial sectors and domains of research currently are dependent of data analysis. For instance, in the Oil & Gas sector, one need systems more and more accurate for the analysis of geophysical data. In the space sector, the use of data analysis is imperative to construct models from satellite data for weather prediction, while in medicine a new field, bioinformatics, has emerged that focuses on the analysis of biological data.

This panel aims to discuss the state-of-the-art in data analysis and wonder the future of Data analysis.

Data Visualization

Because of the large quantity of data collected by the industrial sectors and various domains of research, the challenge today is to find ways to extract a complex and significant information and display it in a meaningful and useful way. Data visualization offers a solution by revealing the complex structure of data one could not understand otherwise, which in turn allows the discovery of the unexpected or reveals unanticipated assembly. This panel aims to summarize the main current techniques of data visualization in the disciplines of Medicine, Space and Oil & Gas, as well as the current academic research in the field. The panelist will try to point out the trends data visualization.

Data Security

The protection of data has become a constant preoccupation in both the private and public sectors. Indeed, for the private sector, such as Oil & Gas or the space industry, a breach in security could lead to revenue lost, damaged intellectual property or ruined reputation, just to cite some consequences. In the public sector, such as the hospitals or research centers, it could lead to theft (identity theft, breach in the confidentiality between patient and doctors…) or vandalism to cite just a few. In that context, we are interested to bring together public and private actors to discuss the different approaches to protect information in various environment, to consider if the common factors and discuss about the future of Data Security.

Our Speakers


Total is a global, integrated energy producer and provider, the world’s fourth-largest international oil and gas company and second-largest solar operator. Total is committed to being the company whose actions inspire confidence in a responsible, sustainable energy future, by meeting the growing demand from our customers and driving continuous improvement in their operations. Total uses Data Science every day to explore and manage its wells, and make better decisions for the future.




AT&T is exploring the future of healthcare. When healthcare meets the network, their teams can securely track and monitor a patient’s condition from the hospital to the home. The AT&T Foundry in Houston, Texas, is dedicated solely to digital health innovations that can help caregivers and patients improve their quality of life.  Located in the World’s Largest Medical Center, it features 3 main digital health test environments for start-ups, physicians, or others with ideas on connected healthcare innovation to develop new solutions.



Airbus logo


Since its inception, Airbus has played a pioneering role in the international air transport industry’s evolution. This trend will continue over the coming decades, as Airbus leverages innovative solutions to further improve the economic efficiency and environmental performance of commercial aviation. In the Space industry, managing Data represent a major stake, as some analysts project 40% growth in data over the next ten years.

Get Involved

Start-ups Opportunities

  • Pitch your solution to your target audience
  • Join a network of data science experts
  • Publicize the expertise of your company
  • Exchange with worldwide renowed researchers

Company Opportunities

  • Join a network of data science experts
  • Publicize the expertise of your company
  • Exchange with worldwide renowed researchers
  • Learn more about growing start ups in this field


Professional Opportunities

  • Join a network of data science experts
  • Publicize your expertise 
  • Exchange with worldwide renowed researchers
  • Learn more about growing start ups in this field


The French American Chamber of Commerce of Houston 

The French Office for Science and Technology

The Texas Medical Center

Rice University     capture2bis        



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