Business Development

The FACC Houston supports your Business business-plan-100712-02development  in the American market so that you achieve to develop your company in the area of Houston. We provide business plans, contacts, targeted business partner search, market analyses, trade services. Our goal is to help you througt these important steps of your business development.

The goal of this service is to help you to identify barriers to market entry and the differences between your local market and the one in Houston. For any company it is very important to do such an examination of its future market to achieve a long-term settlement.

Our long experience in Houston allows us to introduce you to people who will help you during your settlement. You will have the opportunity to meet lawyers, CPAs, entrepreneurs and other people that could help you throught your business development.

We answer to the main question that are usually asked in case of a settlement in the Houston area such as : which visa do I need? What are my chances of success? How do I import my products to the US? Can I find a supplier…? We support  small and medium-sized French American companies in their development in the Houston.

By choosing us for you business development, you will also have access to our other services and will give you the opportunity to meet our other members and to build your network in the area. 



Institutional Partnership

FACC Houston & French Insitutions support French companies in their export strategy 


Houston – La Vienne : business development missions since 2012 



Pursuing its mission to support French companies in their export strategy, the FACC and the Conseil General de la Vienne work together to offer the best business opportunities to small and medium sized companies of Poitier area.

Companies from various industries, proposing solutions that are consistent with Houstonian or Texan growing markets, are introduced to potential partners and customers.

In January 2016, FACC Houston worked with:

  • HL2 Group – creation & exploitation of connected objects
  • EUROSLOT Andritz – specialized in conception, manufacturing and marketing of filtering metal surfaces
  • CRITT SPORT – Sport & Health
  • OSMOSIS – food products exportation
  • MEDICOSCOP – Health industry

The companies benefited from a one week business program.

After a conference presenting the key aspects of doing business in Houston, each company had a business meetings that were organized by the FACC Houston, following the need expressed by each entrepreneurs.

The FACC Houston accomplished a market research and used its network to secure business appointments meeting the criteria required by the entrepreneur.

The delegation of entrepreneurs came with Representatives from La Vienne that took the opportunity to:

  • Meet with local officials, to strengthen our partnership between France and Houston
  • Visit key institutional and market places of Houston to learn more about the Houstonian best practices, conduct a benchmark and get inspired for French local policy.


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