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From digitization of geological records to preservation of films
Gregory Servos, President, President of Ovation Data Services, will explain how is business went from digitizing geological records for oil companies to preserving films and recordings for some of the world’s most prestigious arts organizations.

Guardians of the Digital Galaxy

art & business

Gregory Servos, President and CEO of Ovation Data Services (OvationData), will tell his company’s 30 year story from  humble beginnings of copying geological records for local oil companies to a global business preserving historical movies, videos, television shows, and other masterpieces of western civilization for generations to come.  Building on his early interest in photography and coupled with his travels to museums around the globe, Gregory saw the value of digitizing information, not only to protect it but also to help owners commercialize these valuable assets in the modern Internet age.  At its high security world headquarters on the west side of Houston, OvationData has a treasure trove of past technologies and uses equipment dating as far back as the 1950s to retrieve precious data (information) for preservation in modern formats and technologies.  Please join us to hear more about OvationData, as one of only a handful of companies around the world, who are our Guardians of the Digital Galaxy.

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